Asylum of the Daleks

Parts: 1 (50-minute)
Writer: Steven Moffat
Airdate: 01 September 2012
Production Code: n/a

Doctor: eleventh
Companions: Amy, Rory

Story: The Doctor is sought out by the mysterious Darla von Karlsen, who needs his help rescuing her daughter from a Dalek prison camp, from which she herself claims to have escaped. The Doctor quickly suspects a trap — no-one escapes from a Dalek prison camp — but within moments, he is knocked unconscious, himself a prisoner of the Daleks. Amy and Rory, back on earth, are soon likewise captured, and before long, all three find themselves unwilling guests of the Parliament of the Daleks.

But the Daleks are slow to exterminate: for once, they need the Doctor's help. One of the Daleks' best-kept secrets, known only in whispered rumors, is their Asylum, a planet where they dispose of all the battle-damaged Daleks whose mental and physical injuries are beyond their ability to heal. The inhabitants of the Asylum actually frighten the Daleks so much that they keep the entire planet locked behind a forcefield... but a ship has crashed through the forcefield, into the Asylum, and the Daleks have begun to worry that, unless the Doctor can prevent a catastrophe, their imprisoned insane army might actually be able to escape...

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