the sixth Doctor

The sixth Doctor is definitely one of the Time Lord's more memorable incarnations. A tall, slightly more rotund figure, this Doctor commands attention when he enters a room. The sixth Doctor is loud and rather brash - he frequently raises his voice, even against his companion. The sixth Doctor does not like to have his authority, capability or personality questioned. Unfortunately for him, Peri's tendency to gripe means that she frequently does question him, and this results in a number of arguments between the two of them.

More than any other Doctor, the sixth will resort to violence to achieve his aims. Naturally, he only uses these measures against those who deserve it - never the innocent - but it is a marked change from his previous incarnations. It is perhaps ironic that it is the sixth Doctor who finally commits to a vegetarian diet.

A fondness for cats also manifests itself in the sixth Doctor's personality. In many ways he is like a cat himself - aloof, sometimes disinterested, and curious to a fault. He also enjoys singing, and has a pleasantly deep and resonant voice, although Mel is none too fond of his version of "On with the Motley". The sixth Doctor also has quite a way with words, and can frequently be heard spouting quotations or using a poetic turn of phrase.

The sixth Doctor's personality is extremely variable, although it usually tends toward stormy. He can sink into a deep melancholy mood, pondering poetically about whatever is troubling him and expressing great world-weariness. At other times, he is highly energetic, plowing through anyone who stands in his way with his determination to get things done. When someone - usually Peri - says something that the Doctor considers to be uncouth or odd, the Doctor reacts with shock, repeating the offending utterance several times with increasing disbelief.

The sixth Doctor has curly blond hair and a regal face. His personality is reflected in his attire - a coat of many clashing colors and patterns with a cat pin on the left lapel, polka-dotted tie, a plaid waistcoat bearing a neon-green watchchain, and yellow-and-black-striped trousers. Occasionally, he also carries a multicolored umbrella. The Doctor's variety of cat pins include: a white tabby with grey stripes, facing left (6S, 6T, 6V); a black cat on all fours with an arched back, facing right (6X, 6Y); a white cat, facing right (6W); a cartoonish white cat with oversized head and jaunty tail, facing left (6Z); a cat which may be a Scottish fold with grey ears and tail, facing straight ahead (during the Trial, 7B, 7C); a black cat, facing right (7A); an orange tabby, facing right (7C); and a Siamese, facing right (7D).

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