Mel Bush

Melanie Bush was a computer programmer from 1986 who joined the Doctor in an untelevised adventure which, according to production notes, was to involve the Master and the Usurians in a huge banking fraud. She is unceasingly cheerful, optimistic, bubbly and bouncy. An advocate of regular exercise and healthy eating, one of Mel's pet projects was attempting to get the sixth Doctor to lose some weight. He, of course, was not thrilled - particularly with the carrot juice. Mel was also responsible for the temporary introduction of an exercise bike into the console room.

Mel is very inquisitive, and therefore highly likely to strike out on her own. She is also a quick thinker, a talent which comes in handy when her inquisitiveness leads her into trouble. One of Mel's unique character traits is her photographic memory - or "memory like an elephant" as the Doctor teases her, given that Mel's stick-thin figure is hardly comparable to an elephant.

There is a bit of a stubborn streak in Mel, and she readily stands up for herself when the need arises. Mel is not easily intimidated or frightened, although upon seeing a terrifying creature or deciding that her life is in peril, Mel is quite capable of letting loose a very loud, piercing scream or three.

Mel is an extremely caring person who would help anyone in trouble if she could. She also has very high moral and ethical standards, and possesses strong convictions about right and wrong. Partly because of this, she often tries to help people better themselves, whether they want to or not.

Mel has a tumbling cascade of curly, bright red hair, warm brown eyes and a ready smile. She has interesting taste in costumes, and seems to prefer pastels and bright primary colors. She likes to sing - particularly fifties music - and dance when she gets the opportunity. She is also a great admirer of CP Snow, having read all his books.

Mel's departure was brought about by no reason other than her decision that it was time to go. Astonishingly, rather than leaving when the Doctor took her home, Mel chose to continue on travelling with a space rogue (probably intending to steer him away from the criminal life) in the far future.

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Mel Mel

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