The LABB Fanfic Contest
Take Four!

Welcome to the Fourth LABB Fanfiction Contest!

This intense competition of writing skill is a time-honored tradition in the LABB. Some say it goes back as far as 1854, before Brendan was even born, when CiCi's, no, really, I'm just teasing. It didn't actually start until July of 1997, when Odie first proposed the idea. The initial contest was met with such enthusiasm that CiCi promptly launched a second, in August. This was followed by EnCat's November contest, and that all leads up to now. Hot on the heels of EnCat's competition comes the fourth contest, begun in January of 1998.


Pendrell's Precarious Predicament by Janet Eaton
Power (An Abstraction) by HG Frank
Professional Pedigree by Melissa White
The Substitute by CiCi Lean


CiCi Lean
"The Substitute"


For her winning entry, CiCi is now the proud owner of a copy of the Agent Danny Pendrell card from the X-Files CCG! Yes, one of the few - if not the only - official pieces of Pendrell merchandise, as well as the one which finally (if only semi-canonically) revealed the first name of our dear Agent Pendrell, as unknown to Scully. Congratulations, CiCi!!!



Odie required the writer to incorporate five specific words into the plot. CiCi just asked for a Pendrell/anyone romance, while EnCat's contest was broad enough to accept all humorous denial entries. This time, to get back to the spirit of the original, I'm putting in a stipulation.

All entries must be peppered with as many words beginning with the letter P as the writer considers possible.

Now, I don't mean you have to have a completely alliterative story...

That would be too difficult, too restricting. Rather, you can either use "p" words as major plot points...

...or you can use as many "p" words as you feel comfortable putting in.

It doesn't even have to be that many "p" words. Whatever suits you! But do put in as many as you can. Creativity will be rewarded!


I'm happy to accept all kinds of entries. Your story can be happy or sad, romantic or not, funny or serious, sci-fi or mystery, complex or plotless, denial or depressed, whatever. (sure fine)


The one kind of story I will not read is NC-17. Now, if you've got a great romantic story idea, and you want to make it a little bit spicy, that's perfectly fine. Just no graphic sex scenes, please. (For a good example of this, see Abree and CiCi's Socks's the closest thing I can find to what I'm talking about, even if it does approach the line from time to time. Overall, they exercise great restraint and taste.)

Additionally, a couple of things to remember. The longer of a story you write, the better chance I'll get to evaluate it. I don't mind short stories ("My Dream" by Penni P is a classic!) but I'm probably not as likely to vote for them. Just don't make it too long. Secondly, I'm also not as likely to vote for stories that include a lot of foul language. If you have to put some in, okay, I'll read over it, but if it's prevalent, it'll put me off the story. Just a word to the wise!

As far as submission format...after much deliberation, I've decided that I'll probably put the stories up in .txt format. So, write them however you want them to look, make sure they're .txt and e-mail them to me at I'm going to put them up as they arrive.


no, I'm not talking about Brendan's film!

In order to give people time to write, I'm going to give about two months until the deadline. And since this contest is timed as it is, I just can't resist celebrating the spirit of denial and terminating the contest on the one-year anniversary of the date when Pendrell's supposed death was first aired...

23 March 1998

...of course, we all know that he is alive and well and being held by the Syndicate / taking care of Emily / working undercover for Scully.

Oh, and if you end up in desperate need of an extension, just let me know. I understand how these things are! I want to make sure that everyone who desires to submit a story has the opportunity to do so.

If you have any serious intentions of writing a story and would like to get it into the contest but are worried that you won't be able to make the deadline, tell me. I can hold it open for you. Besides, someone can always start a new contest for the others once the official deadline for this one has passed.


What you've been waiting to hear about, eh? Well, to keep with tradition, I'm not going to tell you what it is. What I will say is that the prize is Pendrell-related. A treasure for every LabMouse! Make of that what you will...

Also remember that I'll need the snailmail address of the winner in order to mail them their prize.

Questions? E-mail me!

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