A Bit About Me

I was born in the scenic state of West Virginia - Wheeling, to be precise - on 3 November 1977. When I was about two we moved to my mother's hometown of Bluefield, and lived next door to my grandmother. Then when I was five, one of my aunts moved into that house (where they still reside) and we headed off to Fayetteville, the town I always called home. After five more years of blissful childhood, my family moved to North Carolina. I attended elementary, middle and high school at Wake Christian Academy in Raleigh.

My undergraduate years were happily spent at Duke University, and for three of those years I lived in the wonderful Spanish hall of the language dorm. I majored in linguistics with a minor in Spanish. Now I'm in my third year at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in the linguistics PhD program, specifically in discourse analysis.

I've been interested in foreign cultures, and especially languages, pretty much all my life, so it was a joyous thing to learn that I could actually devote my time to studying them. Which languages interest me? Gee, practically all of them! Spanish is my best, but I've also studied French, Italian and Russian. One day I hope to seriously study Welsh someplace, preferably in Wales itself. I've just recently developed a thing for Wales - I'm not entirely sure why, but it's thanks to Kelsey Bennett. (Thanks Kelsey!) I'll put in a link to her page if she ever gets one! But back to languages - I also have a desire to study German, Farsi, Korean, Finnish, Icelandic, and Basque. (In case you haven't noticed, I especially delight in obscure languages!) Maybe a creole language, too - like Bislama.

My religion is also a very important facet of my life, so check out the Christianity FAQ - it's a good source of basic information about Christianity, if you're curious.

I'm really interested in the four personality types - sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic - but unfortunately, the page with the personality test has disappeared. One of these days I'm going to write my own. Just so you know, my primary personality is phlegmatic. (Very rarely do you meet someone who is one-hundred percent of a particular personality. I also have quite a few melancholy and sanguine traits.)

My love for cats led me to become interested in animal rights, and it followed that I became a vegetarian. Although I don't agree with all that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals does, their heart is in the right place and their web site is an informative repository of facts on vegetarianism, vivisection, and PETA itself. Very Vegetarian Sites has more in the way of healthy eating, however, and contains lots of links to other vegetarian sites around the Web.

I really really like to travel. I've been on mission trips to Russia and the Middle East, and I zipped round England for a month one summer with AFS doing homestays and week-long conservation camps. (I refer to them as "slave labor camps" because the first one of two was practically nothing but early mornings and hard labor trying to rebuild an aqueduct. When the week was over, I couldn't see that much difference from when we'd started. I have to say, though, that working on Hereford Cathedral was fantastic, and the camp was really well-run.)

Perhaps partly because of my love for travel, I also like to sample various international cuisines. My favorite so far is Indian food, so take a look at the recipes offered on the Asian Studies page on Indian cuisine.

As for dessert, I've discovered that I'm a very big custard fan. Give me flan, custard pie, crème brûlée, my grandmother's boiled custard...yum. But yet, nothing quite beats a rich, creamy, luscious, espressoful slice of tiramisú. Custard, step aside...but not too far away...

The other thing that I do a lot of (or used to, anyway) is IRC, otherwise known as Internet Relay Chat. Terribly addictive, I'm afraid. I can often be found on DALnet as Haem in one of the following channels: #DrWhoChat - #pendrell - #FellowTravellers. Anthony Gagliardi was kind enough to create a #DrWho page so that we could feel official, and he did a great job with it! Interested in learning more about how you, too, can become an insatiable chatter? Check out DALnet's home page.

A popular activity on IRC is roleplaying, which the #DrWho group does about every Saturday evening at 10 pm EST. It's a great way to flex those creative muscles!

I'm a science fiction fan, and Doctor Who is my number-one all-time-favorite show! I enjoy reading not just sci-fi, but also mystery novels (particularly Lilian Jackson Braun's Cat Who... series) and classics. I like to act when I get the chance, I enjoy singing in ensembles and the like, and I love to write stories for my own amusement. I derive much joy from the visual arts - watching a good television program, film or play. What fun!

That's enough about me for now. If you want to know yet more about me, check out my IRC bio. This was originally intended to be one of many available at Edan Harel's DALnet People page, but I was the only person to ever submit one. I should warn you that a huge portion of this is Doctor Who-related, but it does give a more rounded picture of me.

I also have an account at V-net Internet Access, so if you like, you can also e-mail me there.

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