photos of me

first photo
My high school senior picture, taken in August 1995.
Thanks a bunch to Trina Short for being so kind as to scan this for me!

C'est moi.

second photo
On Monday, 20 April 1998, I read in the Chronicle (Duke's school newspaper) that one of my favorite actors - Seth Green - was shooting a film called Stonebrook on campus. I called the production office and was hired as an extra for Saturday, 2 May 1998. To my extreme delight, I did get the chance to meet Seth, and he was gracious enough to take this photo with me. Later I was able to work as a production assistant on set for a couple of days, and got to know Seth's really nice co-star, Brad Rowe, a bit. I just couldn't resist putting this pic up somewhere, even though it's not great of me.
Below, from left to right: Brad, me, Seth.


third photo
This photo was taken in the Sarah P Duke Gardens of Duke University, behind Central Campus,
along the route I took to class in the mornings during summer school.
From June 1998. I'm wearing one of my X-Files shirts ;D

C'est moi aussi.