#DrWho Roleplays

To be totally honest, these roleplays aren't all from #DrWho. Most are from the specially-designated-for-roleplaying channels #DrWhoRPG and #dwrpg, and a few were played in drooling-fangirl channel #PMEB. Mostly the same group, just different channels.

We started doing this quite a while back for reasons which I can't recall, but it took a while to catch on. The more formal roleplay never came about, so we've stuck with simply picking our cast of characters and a basic plot, then improvising our way to a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion. As you'll see, several of these roleplays are extraordinarily odd due to the introduction of rogue elements. Others, however, play themselves out smoothly and end up as a nice little tale with perhaps a few plot holes that we ignore for the sake of fun!

One of the more unique characteristics of these roleplays is that we're usually not satisfied with the traditional Doctor-companion mixes; it's so much fun to create your own! "Wouldn't Ace have made a fantastic companion for the first Doctor?" we think, and off we go!

I'd like to thank the following people for their help logging or editing the roleplays: Jason Fraser, Elsa Frohman, Meg Lahey, Trina Short, and Chris Sweitzer. Your assistance has been invaluable in keeping this list complete!

If you're interested in joining us, we roleplay on Saturdays at 10 pm EST in #DrWhoRPG in DALnet. To keep the roleplay free of chatter, be sure to also join #DrWhoPlot, where all the discussion takes place.

I hope you enjoy browsing through what we've done so far. Let me know what you think!

Green Icky Space Goo
The fourth Doctor and Leela arrive on a spaceship heading toward a colony in danger.

The seventh Doctor and Peri arrive at a renaissance faire where not much happens.
Note: this one is unavailable as it wasn't logged.

Crux of the OOOLANGA
The first Doctor and Ace fight a deadly alien being at a viral institute.

The Planet of the Crazies
The fifth Doctor, Leela and K9 have a grand old time on a very odd planet.

Curse of the Ripper
The sixth Doctor and Sarah pursue Jack the Ripper in Victorian London.

A Vidalian in the Vortex
The fourth Doctor, Ben, Turlough, Kamelion and Wolsey discover a vicious creature preying on residents at a quaint nursing home.

From Jersey and Beyond
The second Romana, Tegan and Bernice are enjoying a day off until they run across a herd of bloodthirsty cows in the quiet countryside.

Footprints in the Sand
The seventh Doctor and Ben encounter Jo and the boys from UNIT on a moonbase plagued by shady characters and old enemies.

The Anchovy Invasion
The third Doctor and Nyssa cut short their holiday when aliens invade a Greek island in search of the secret of pizza.
Note: this one is unfinished due to lack of interest, but it may yet see the light of day

Whistling in the Dark
The seventh Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie stumble across a mischievous alien in a cave system. Much hilarity ensues.

The Fruits of Evil
The eighth Doctor, Adric, Dodo and Grace battle giant fruit flies.

The Invaders
The eighth Doctor, Chris and Jeremy land in Celtic England where an alien watcher is influencing events and Roman legions lurk just over the horizon.

The Seeds of Something Revisited
The second Doctor and Peri must protect a Kinda tribe from a Krynoid.

A Hippie Time at Woodstock
Benny helps the fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan uncover the Rani's latest evil scheme.

Dodgy Deals
Unbeknownst to Melanie, Glitz plans to steal the Rosetta Stone for a suspicious business partner; then, the third Doctor and Jo turn up.

The Female of the Species
The eighth Doctor, Ace and Chang Lee battle cosmetics queen Shirley Barnabas.

It's A Small Universe After All
The fifth Doctor takes Mel to Disney World and straightaway encounters a Cyber-fleet.

Barbie's Bloody Christmas
The sixth Doctor and Victoria arrive at the North Pole, where an unseen enemy is threatening Father Christmas and killing elves.

Night of the Living Dead Companions
When the eighth Doctor is waylaid by the Gods of Ragnarok, he and Grace must fight for the souls of his dead companions Katarina, Sara, Adric and Roz.

Something Rustling This Way Comes
The Time Lords send the second and sixth Doctors, along with the first Romana and Grant, to investigate a Vardan experiment that could destroy the universe.
In Progress

Animal Magnetism
The leonine inhabitants of Lahra welcome the seventh Doctor, Harry and Turlough until they discover that an asteroid threatens their existence. There's also a silly version, with jokes intact.

The Disco of Death
In 1976 Sydney, the fourth Doctor, Liz and Peri stumble upon a disco run by the Master, who has affiliated himself with another of the Doctor's old enemies.
In Progress

Dramatic License
Barbara, Chris and Frobisher are snatched to the Land of Fiction.

Tide and the Rani
The first Doctor and Steven must save Vicki from the Rani, who is abducting blondes from a beach in order to harvest their genetic material.

1776 - A Farce in Half an Act
Grace must keep her distant ancestor from harm when she and the fifth Doctor meet up with Turlough in Concord during the Revolutionary War.

Mutanty on the Shchedrost
When the crew of a Russian fishing vessel nets only grotesque mutants, the second Doctor, Ian and Grant naturally become suspects.

Video Killed the Doctor Who Star
A mysterious invitation lures the seventh Doctor and Susan to a video game corporation, where the eighth Doctor and Ace are trapped in an electronic bloodbath.

The Art of Killing
The fifth Doctor and Sarah search Vancouver for the source of some not-so-still life paintings.

On a colony world, the third Doctor, Zoe and Mike Yates stumble upon a murderer's desperate plan for freedom.
In Progress

All Shook Up
The sixth Doctor and Mel must save Elvis Presley from an invisible assassin.

I Was a Time Lord Vampire from Outer Space
The Time Lords send Leela to the Stone Age to deal with a group of time-travelling vampires who are abducting people from 1960s Earth...one of whom is Ben Jackson.

Hex Sign
The eighth Doctor, Turlough and K9 arrive in Pennsylvania looking for an Amish quilt, but they find something far more sinister behind the peaceful exterior of the small community.
In Progress

Shirley and the Schultz
When a pint of beer causes Ian's personality to undergo a drastic change, the fourth Doctor and Nyssa determine to find the cause, little realizing that their enemy knows them well.
In Progress

A Deal with the Devil
The Nosferatu 3 unexpectedly brings Mel and Glitz to Gallifrey, where the Black Guardian, with revenge on the mind, proposes a mission to the space rogue. (Sequel to Dodgy Deals.)

007 Ways to Say "I Love You"
An innocent trip to Monaco leads the seventh Doctor and Jamie into an adventure of intrigue, bombs, and a mysterious man known only as...Bond. James Bond.
In Progress

Grand Theft
Ray is disappointed when the seventh Doctor takes her to Albert Hall instead of someplace exotic, but soon they are caught up in an attempt to stop the theft of the world's antique buildings.
In Progress

The Master-Wizard of Wherever We Are
When the TARDIS crashlands, the fifth Doctor, Ace and K9 must team up with a damaged Dalek, illogical Cyberman and scaredy-Sontaran to get a new fluid link from the wonderful Master-Wizard.
In Progress

The Diva Takes a Dive
The eighth Doctor and Benny are hoping to enjoy a pleasant afternoon of opera, but instead they become caught up in an alien plot to control the Earth through sound waves.

Another vacation plan goes awry for the sixth Doctor and Zoe when they arrive in early modern Germany only to learn that a werewolf is on the rampage in the idyllic forested countryside.

Two Girls, a Guy and a Megalomaniac
The second Romana and Chris are attacked when they try to stop time-travel experiments on a primitive planet, so the TARDIS recruits help from an unexpected source - Romana number one.

In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Scream
The fifth Doctor and Peri arrive on a derelict freighter filled with awakening Cybermen - and as if that were not enough trouble, a mysterious nebula seems to be drawing the freighter in.

Hot Ice
Gangsters and jewellery thieves may be interesting, but when the first Doctor and Steven land in 1930s Chicago, their attention is immediately grabbed by a murder at a nearby hotel.
In Progress

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