The Synosnymnymm League

"Did you know that angered is a synosnymnymm for enraged?"
[EnragedCat, to the LABB, around 12 August 1997]

Welcome to the home page for the Synosnymnymm League! What are we, you ask? Well, hopefully this page will give you all the information you need to know, and more.

I'm sure it'll go through some major changes before it's done, because I'm not really sure what should be on here. So for now, I'm just throwing everything on. Let me know what you like or don't like, and what you want to see here!

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The Synosnymnymm FAQ

1. What is the Synosnymnymm League?

The Synosnymnymm League is a subdivision of the LABB, Loyal Admirers of Brendan Beiser. It was created as a means for the several devotees of this extraordinary word to come together under one banner.

2. Who are the members of the Synosnymnymm League?

At last count: Abree, Carson, Dawn, Debi, EnCat, Evan, Janet, Kristin, Kim, Paul, Red, Rose, Sami, and Trillian.

3. How did this whole synosnymnymm thing start?

EnragedCat sent a letter to the LABB which included:

That's all...I have a very ged
<did you know that "angered" is a synosnymnymm for "enraged"?>
From the sentence structure, we could clearly see that something had gone wrong. "Synosnymnymm" struck me as a particularly funny word, and I began using it throughout my letters. I later learned she had meant to say "I hate being enraged <did you know that 'angered' is both a synosnymnymm and an anagram of 'enraged'?>", but although part of the sentence had been garbled, EnCat had intended to include "synosnymnymm". ("I admit I go crazy around words like synosnymnymm," she also said.) So instead of being simply the person who inadvertently blundered upon the word, EnCat is now hailed as the Creator of the Word "Synosnymnymm."

Even after it was discovered that the word had been deliberate, several members of the LABB continued to delight in it. It has now become the favorite word of some, and enjoys a very exalted status.

4. How is it pronounced?

I believe it's like this:

This is subject to debate; for example, the first syllable may be pronounced like the second syllable of "posSIble" (or the first syllable of "synonym" itself).

5. What do you call yourselves?

Actually, we just call ourselves Members of the Synosnymnymm League - it was agreed upon as the best way to retain mystery while keeping the word "synosnymnymm" separate and intact. Also, "synosnymnymmaniacs" (Carson) and "synosnymnymmice" (EnCat) have been proposed as humorous alternatives.

6. What does "synosnymnymm" mean, anyway?

Sami has suggested that it means "a 'perfect' clone: one who doesn't cross dress, sell makeup, want a sex change, etc" or possibly "the never-ending pursuit of glass beakers." Alternately, it may just be a cute way of spelling "synonym".

7. Are there any requirements for joining?

Well, first you have to be a member of the LABB.

Aside from that, it's pretty flexible. Just declare your undying love for the word, use it occasionally (or frequently!) in your letters, and...that's about it!

8. What's all the stuff on this page?

Most of the things you'll read on this page were comments or spontaneous synosnymnymm jokes that were included in letters to the LABB. They are not intended to be funny to people who don't appreciate this marvellous word.

Invented or Substituted Synosnymnymm Quotes

from Carson

(Doctor Who) "Hello, I'm the Doctor, and this is my friend Synosnymnymm."
(Star Trek) "Lieutenant Commander Synosnymnymm, please report to sickbay."
(X-Files) "Did you see it, Scully? A giant synosnymnymm!"
(Nightmare Cafe) " a little place called the Nightmare Synosnymnymm."
(Millennium) "The thousand synosnymnymms is over!"

"You're a synosnymnymm, Coffey!" (from Things Rose Never Said)

"Don't kill the goose that lays the golden synosnymnymm."
- A line from Rose's mother's biology book, which was sadly altered before the final draft

"What scares you the most?"
~Don Deluise and Billy Zane~ Silence of the Hams
(thanks Duc! <g>)

from EnCat

"Everybody wants prosthetic synosnymnymms on their real geds"
-- I Want a Rock, They Might Be Giants

Synosnymnymmized LABB letter titles

from Abree:
(LABB) Synosnymnymms a good cop!

from Carson:
[LABB] Squishy Yam Noodles Over Sage-Nut Yogurt Makes Nine Yummy Moroccan Meals
[LABB] Synosnymnymm Avengers Ransack Average Houses
[LABB] Synosnymnymms Are Much Better Than Sucking Chest Wounds
[LABB] There's a synosnymnymm in my shoe!

from Dawn:
(LABB) I love synosnymnymms in the autumn!!!

from Debi:
Synosymnymms??? Do You Know??

from EnCat:
(LABB) I'm in a bad mood. Not even a carton of synosnymnymms could cheer me up!
(LABB) recycledplots-soapoperas-at&t ads: and a synwhatever for good measure!

from Evan:
[LABB] Synosnymnymming Flu!

from Janet:
[LABB] When the in the 7th Synnosymmnymm.....and Jupiter....aligns with Synnosymmnymms......
Sunday Morning Synosymmnymms
How DOES one spell! Synosnym.....well, you know - THAT WORD!!!!!!
&LABB*...and a synosymmnymm in a pear tree......
[LABB] I wonder if there were any synnosnymmnymms, sucking chest wounds, or A.T. & T commercials on the Titanic?

from Kristin:
LABB: Synosymnymms attack Manhattan...
(LABB) YESSSSS!!!! (And nooo er... computer::!!!)
((LABB)) Insert witty Brendan Worshipping, Shibashing, Synosymnymming Title

from Red:
Synosnymnymms are half price! Get your Synosnymnymms here...
(LABB)I'm just a lost synosnymnymm trying to find my way home...
[LABB] Synosnymnymm along with me, that's it! Tap your toes!!

from Rose:
{{{LABB}}} Synosnymnymms shall inherit th' Earth
{{{LABB}}} When you wish upon a Synosnymnymm...
{{{LABB}}} I haven't seen "synosnymnymm" in the header for a LONG time

from Sami:
(LABB) So You Never Order Singing Nightly Yarns More than New Yard Micro Meters?

Sami's Grandmother's Recipe for Synosnymnymm Cookies

Let's see. Recipe, recipe, recipe, ah! Here it is! My grandmother's old recipe for synosnymnymm cookies:

"You need:
3 cups flour
2 cups sunflower seeds
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1 cup fnark-colored sugar
2 Tblspns. freeze dried coffee
2 Tblspns. Doof Windshield Cleaner (*NO* more or you will turn a radioactive green color)
2 cups banana-flavored Doof
16 oz. bag of Doof truffles
3 cups Doof of your choice
2 cups ants (optional)

Preheat oven to 1595*F (to ensure that Doof Windshield Cleaner does not react oddly with fnark-colored sugar). Pick out a bowl that will not be eaten away by Doof Windshield Cleaner. Mix flour, sunflower seeds, brown and fnark-colored sugar together. Add coffee *very* slowly, because these directions say to and you have to do what they say. This step should take nearly an hour. Ha ha! You actually believed me. Don't throw a wobbly! I was just kidding. Ahem. Then mix Windshield Cleaner into mixture, making sure not to spill any on your skin. Pour in the banana Doof and Doof of your choice; mix. Let set for ten minutes. Then add Doof truffles and ants.

Quickly scoop onto greased cookie pan and bake for three hours. They should be done when they are a nice healthly glowing-orange color. Enjoy."

My grandmother was a little strange. She wrote the recipe herself . . . Okay, well, while those are baking, let's go onto some more replies . . .

Synosnymnymmized .sigs

Official Speaker of Encouraging Synosnymnymms and Hopeless Optimist
Member of the Synosnymnymm League and LABBARD
Official "El Synosnymnymm Gira" Avenger
Synosnymnymm Negotiator

"You should've come into the synosnymnymm wif us...then we'd've beeeeen togevuh!"
[Jean and Phyllis; Doctor Who: The Curse of Fenric]
"Well done, Agent Pendrell. Keep up the good work."
"Hey, thanks! Keep it up yourself!" (Scully leaves)
"'Keep it up yourself'? What a synosnymnymm."
[Scully and Pendrell; The X-Files: 731]

The LABB's loyal defender of the Synosnymnymm name...
Searcher, finder, reporter, and killer of Those Who Dare not call us Synosnymnymms
Unofficial TMBS's lover of the LABB (wanna duke it out?...Hall of Heads is better than anything YOU like! :P)
Member of the Society of prevention of cruelty to Synosnymnymms
Quotes by They Might Be Synosnymnymms:
"I'd steal somebody's Cadillac
I'd steal anything I lack
I'd steal all the microphones
From all the masters of ceremony"
-- If I Wasn't Synosnymnymm, TMBS
"He's a hypnotist, hypnotist of ladies
Never had a pocket watch, never counted backwards"
-- Hypnotist of Synosnymnymms, TMBS
"There's this guy in the sky and he makes you want to
Want to make you sigh, like the time
When you felt like you're feeling all the time
And you sighed at the cracks in the ceiling all the time
You said "I'm feeling fine" but it didn't really rhyme"
-- Describes How You're Feeling All the Time, TMBS
"I don't want a pizza, I don't want a piece of (experimental dog)
Peanut brittle, I don't want a pear.
I don't want a bagel I don't want a bean I wouldn't like (salivating dog)
A bag of beef or a beer or a
Cup of chowder, corn, cake, or creamed cauliflower cause I'm (good dog)
Waiting for the dinner bell to do the bell thing (waiting for the synosnymnymm bell)
Dinner bell dinner bell ring"
-- Dinner Bell, TMBS
"She's got
All the money
Money couldn't buy"
-- She's Actual Size, TMBS
"Her face
Hangs in portrait
On the post office wall"
-- She's Actual Size, TMBS
"Placental the sister of her brother Marsupial
Their cousin called Synosnymnymm
Dead uncle Allotheria"
-- Mammal, TMBS

*No synosnymnymms were used in the making of this letter*
"I like Synosnymnymms!"
Official Synosnymnymming, Chocoholic, Flyers-Hatin'/Rangers Lovin', REALLY Uncoordinated (it takes talent ta fall up synosnymnymms), Synosnymnymmniac, Foul-Mouthed, Synosnymnymm-Usin', Coffee Addicted, Too-Emotional, and Sorta Synosnymnymm LabMouse, Finder of Depressing/Romantic Synosnymnymms, Active Synosnymnymm Rights Activist (well, when I'm old enough to be one...), Eater of Anything With Synosnymnymm as the First and Second Ingredients (within reason...), Owner of One Hungry Synosnymnymm, Synosnymnymm Psychiatrist (since I couldn't find one I became one), Mouse With a Twisted Sense o' Synosnymnymm That No One Really Understands, Yeller o' th' LABB, One O' Many LABB Assassins, and Part o' th' Synosnymnymm Lawfirm
Fictional Quotes
"What the synosnymnymm was that?"
-Dr. Denny Murphy said it best in "Ice," The X-Files
"If history's gonna synosnymnymm itself, why pay attention the first time?"
-What Suzanne Sugarbaker thinks o' social studies, Designing Women
"A synosnymnymm by any other name name would still be a synosnymnymm."
-Juliette's purposely misquoted line from "Romeo and Juliette"
"Danny's not synosnymnymm , Mrs. Torrence."
-A "possessed" Danny Torrence in "The Shining"
"NYPD- kNock Yo' Punk synosnymnymm Down!"
-Jay, "Men in Black"- prob'ly not th' exact quote
"Hey, dude, what's wrong with you? You made me drop my synosnymnymm."
-The Stoner Dude in "Quagmire", The X-Files
Things People Have Actually Said
"You're a synosnymnymm , Coffey!!!!!!!!"
-Me, screaming at the TV after Coffey, of the Ice Phillies (AKA The Flyers), scored
"Should I synosnymnymm it, or should I give it to her?"
-My best friend's sister, contemplating what to do with a birthday present
"I synosnymnymm, ya know?"
-One of the more "intelligent" Flyers proves that he has the IQ of a house plant
"The synosnymnymm scares me more than the unknown does."
-I heard it somewhere; I can't remember who said it
-The motto my friend created while watching "Anasazi" at 3:27 in the morning
"Hey, guess what? We have smuggled synosnymnymms downstair- ouch!"
-My li'l brother to an FBI agent... an' me smackin' him upside th' head
"I have a synosnymnymm behind my eyes."
-My cousin from Wisconsin
Quotes From Books
"Don't kill the goose that lays the golden synosnymnymm."
-A line from my mom's biology book
Songs I've Re-Worded
"Whatever I do, it's just got to be Synosnymnymm!"
-Altered lyrics from "I've Finally Found Someone"
Songs From Musicals
"My father is a synosnymnymm, my mom's an S.O.B.; my grandpa's always plastered, my grandma pushes tea; my sister wears a synosnymnymm, my brother wears a dress; Goodness Gracious, that's why I'm a mess!"
-Lyrics from "Gee, Officer Krupke!" in West Side Story, sung by The Jets
"Hold my synosnymnymm, and we're halfway there; hold onto my hand and I'll take you there."
-Lyrics from "Somewhere" in West Side Story, sung by Tony and Maria
"Tonight, the world is just an synosnymnymm ; a place for me to live in."
-Lyrics from "Tonight" in West Side Story, sung by Tony and Maria
"The minutes seem like hours; the hours go so slowly, and still the synosnymnymm is light."
-Lyrics from "Tonight" in West Side Story, sung by The Jets, The Sharks, Anita, Tony, and Maria (yes, "Tonight" is sung two different times)
"When you see a guy reach for synosnymnymms in the sky, you can bet that he's doin' it for some doll."
-Lyrics from "Guys and Dolls" in Guys and Dolls, sung by Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Benny Southstreet
"I know just what I need- not some fly-by-night, Broadway synosnymnymm!"
-Lyrics from "I'll Know" in Guys and Dolls, sung by Sarah Brown and Sky Masterson
"Please forgive this helpless synosnymnymm I'm in."
-Lyrics from "I've Never Been in Love Before" (my love life in a nutshell!) from Guys and Dolls, sung by Sarah Brown and Sky Masterson
Songs You're Gonna Hear On The Radio
"She stayed up all night and cried into her synosnymnymm.
-Lyrics from "Foolish Pride," sung by Travis Tritt
"All at once I flashed right past the point of no synosnymnymm."
-Lyrics from"On the Verge," sung by Colin Raye; one of the few country songs that I really like
"If I'm not in love I'm on the synosnymnymm."
-More lyrics from "On the Verge"
"We can go to Mexico; you, the synosnymnymm, and me."
-Lyrics from "Jesse," sung by Joshua Kadison (thanks, Duc!)
"Your candle burned out long before your synosnymnymm ever did."
-Lyrics from "Candle in the Wind," sung by Elton John (thanks again, Duc!)

*I am Synosnymnymm*

"Let's slip away under the cover of afternoon in the biggest synosnymnymm in the county." --Crow, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

"Excuse me. Could you help me find my synosnymnymm? He's a Norwegian Elkhound. His name is Heinrich. I use him to hunt moose." --Fox Mulder, The X-Files, "Tooms"

"Breakfast clubbers, say the motto that he taught us to repeat: 'You will lose it in your gym class if you wait 'til noon to synosnymnymm.'" --"Breakfast" by the Newsboys

Today's (or at least this mailing's) Featured Web Page ---> <A HREF="">synosnymnymm</A> *snicker*

"Old football injury. Rose Bowl." (Doug)
"You played?!" (Woman)
"No, I fell out of the synosnymnymm." --Doug, "Multiplicity"

"Baby-sitting a psychotic synosnymnymm!" muttered Curnow. "I feel I'm in a Grade B science-fiction videodrama!" --2010: Odyssey Two

"Ma'am, we at the synosnymnymm do not have a sense of humor that we are aware of." --K, Men In Black

Official Doof Synosnymnymm Chef
Lady of the Synosnymnymm
Synosnymnymmpacking Mouse
Synosnymnymmfully Doofy!

"I just got very synosnymnymmed." --Mulder


. August 14
Paul: I once tried my hand at making balloon animals...they all came out looking like deflated balloons.
Carson: LOL - I relate :> I tried that for a while too, and my best accomplishment was probably a snake. Well, maybe two snakes. (I made a pretty good balloon synosnymnymm, though, if I do say so myself.)

A new acronym by Red:
ROTFLMAOCOMS!!!!! <Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My A** Off, Choking On My Synosnymnymm>

from Sami to Debi, 6 September 1997:
You keep mentioning that word ... patient ... must be something like synosnymnymm or fnark ... never heard of it ... <g>

and from Red, the same day:
Can you remember doof Latin??
Let me see...ynosnymnymmsoof (did I get that right??!)

Debi closed her letter of September 12 with:
Goodnite!! And have a pleasant synosymnymm!!
*May all your synosymnymms be..uh...colorfull*!!!

In a letter from EnCat, 19 November 1997:
I'm in a horrible mood. All "doof"s and "synosymnymm"s should be replaced with MUCH stonger expletives (doof and synosymnymm being my idea of censorship).
I HATE synosymnymming GEOCITIES SO MUCH.

In Kim's chat announcement, 23 November 1997:
Chat starts at 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm PT on TUESDAY
Join us for a synosnymnymmy time!!!
<Where did *that* come from?>

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