My Favorite X-Files Episodes

In chronological order...

My favorite style of episode...isolation! It's a very paranoid episode, with a wonderfully icky monster. The scenes with Mulder, Scully and the gun are incredibly tense and a nice exploration of their trust in one another.

Beyond the Sea
Captivating from beginning to end. Brad Dourif is great! And, hey, Raleigh was in it! In name only, but still. (I wish our prison looked that nice!)

Darkness Falls
My second-favorite episode. Another isolation episode, with an even scarier monster. I love the way this ep plays on our fear of both the dark and swarms of bugs, and the scene where Scully swats the lightbulb is, for a moment, absolutely terrifying.

The Host
Ick, gory! But it's the episode that finally got me hooked on the show. (amazingly, Ice hadn't done it!) Flukeman's marvelous, and I want him back!

Sheer spine-tingling psychological terror. The chase in the house...phew.

Død Kalm
My all-time favorite, mostly for the sweet moments of friendship between Mulder and Scully. Besides being another isolation episode, it's also a fantastic one for Scully.

Another psychologically terrifying ep, here for the breath-stopping scene with Mulder and the gun.

El Mundo Gira
Many people hate this! Incredible! I think it's so subtly funny with the soap opera references, and the scene with the cashew and its victim is visually outstanding.

Memento Mori
This one made me cry! It's Scully's heartwrenching plight that puts this episode firmly in my list of favorites. Yet more kudos for Gillian!

Je Souhaite
A very sweet episode with a cool plotline, great stuff for Scully and some fantastic special effects (I love the scene with Scully sprinkling lycopodium powder on the invisible dead guy!).

Honorable Mentions

Ghost in the Machine
Bah to the XF crew, I thought this was genuinely scary. I really like the scene wherein Scully frantically attempts to keep from being pulled into the fan...yeow.

I knew from the moment I heard about this episode that I was going to love it, and I was right! It's a bit more realistically horrific than some episodes, but there's just something delightfully scary about it.

Funny and spooky and impressive...those fire effects! Cecil was a great villain, too.

Born Again
"Excuse me, sir," says the bag lady right before a man is killed. I think it was she, not the little girl, who was responsible...killing those uncharitable folks who refused to give her money. You can tell I was vastly amused by this!

Duane Barry / Ascension
The best-ever cliffhanger in the series! Yow! Pickles and ice cream were funny.

F. Emasculata
Well, the pustules made for a running gag in IRC, so it has a special place in my heart.

Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
The first really funny episode (I wasn't fond of Humbug). Some gore took this down a few notches.

Nisei / 731
Here solely for the introduction of Agent Pendrell! All other Pendrell eps are included here, in spirit. "What a doof!"

War of the Coprophages
Constantly hilarious! One awfully gory scene keeps it from being a favorite, but it is redeemed by plenty of other great lines!

"Hate him, hate him, wouldn't want to date him!" The two girls are fantastic. The bizarre relationship between Mulder and Scully made me hate this the first time around, because I couldn't figure out why they were acting so strangely, but in retrospect I can forgive it.

José Chung's "From Outer Space"
Also really hilarious...I love Mulder's scream, and the sweet potato pie!

Yow, I can't watch this one much, but it sure kept me on the edge of my seat! *shudder*

Paper Hearts
Here solely for the best teaser of the series! It's my favorite part of the whole episode, actually...

Leonard Betts
The second-best "cliffhanger" of the series! Ooh! I adored every bit from Karate!Scully until the end...fantastic!

Small Potatoes
Luke Skywalker! The H on the door! The broken tail! Eddie as Mulder! Hahahahaha!

Christmas Carol
Finally, an almost Mulder-free ep! And a dead character returns! Plus, Gillian Anderson's fantastic acting and a compelling storyline. The twists got me, too - as usual.

All Souls
Another Scully-centric episode with heart-wrenching acting by Gillian Anderson.

Agua Mala
Maybe I was just starved for a MOTW episode by the time it aired, but I thought it was nicely creepy (if a bit too funny) with a great, icky monster.

And my least favorites would be...

This is probably the closest to boring that The X-Files gets. The action's so far away, and it's just...dull.

Too much sex (some involving Scully?!) and a really weird plot made this one unpalatable.

Some of the vampire lore was done well, but the substitution of grunge for Gothic did nothing for me.

Red Museum
The first episode I saw when I started viewing regularly, and the total lack of closure annoyed me incredibly.

Excelsius Dei
Ditto the last one! Well, except that it was my second episode.

The List
This one just didn't do much for me. Maggots were pretty neat, though.

The Walk
This is a fairly boring episode, as far as The X-Files goes, although it was somewhat intriguing. But who on earth came up with the title?!

Far too dark for my taste. I like gargoyles though!

Teso dos Bichos
Definitely the worst. Any episode that makes kitties into bad guys cannot be good *grin*.

Tempus Fugit / Max
They killed off Pendrell! ARGH! I would've liked it otherwise. So actually, this is the worst, not Teso dos Bichos, because I completely despise it now. Baaaaaad Chr*s C*rter et al.

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"You said stirred, not shaken, didn't you, Mulder?"